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Do you teach English in Rome?

If you're an ESL English teacher, living and teaching English in Rome, you know that whilst it can be rewarding, it's rarely a well paid job. Whether you teach in a state school or private language school, you're probably not earning much more than you need to survive. Peanuts, in short. If you want to increase your income, either by working as a full-time freelance teacher or by offering private lessons in your spare time, you need a reliable way of finding private students. The solution is incredibly simple; register with RomaInglese and join our tried and tested teacher directory.

Launched in late 2012, Rominglese was created to provide a place where English teachers in Rome and the surrounding areas can promote themselves professionally; to bring together English teachers looking for private students and students looking for private English lessons. Now one of the most successful websites of its type in Italy, RomaInglese allows English teachers to be genuinely indpendent and provides an alternative to putting ineffective adverts on the freead websites where you face competition from muppets offering lessons at €5 an hour.

It's not free!

To cover the costs of keeping the site online and the time it takes to administer and keep the site running properly, teachers now pay a one-off registration fee plus an annual subscription fee. Putting that into perspective, for the average teacher, the annual cost cost equates to less than you earn for 3 hours of lessons. The service is completely free for people looking for teachers.

Promoting Mothertongue English Teachers in Rome
Promoting English Teachers in Rome.

Following the success of its sister website, RomaInglese was created to promote independent mother-tongue English teachers. If you are a mothertongue or native-level bilingual English teacher, living and teaching in Rome or the surrounding areas of Lazio, this site was created for you.

Freelance English Teachers
Promoting Teachers Professionally.

Once registered, you are added the main Rome teacher directory and given your own teacher profile page, where you can describe yourself, outline your availability, explain your teaching experience, skills, lesson prices, and so on. Potential students can send enquiries to you by email from your profile page.

Not a mothertongue teacher?

We set up RomaInglese to help mother-tongue English teachers, but we will also consider registration requests from genuinely native-level bilingual teachers. In addition, we have created a new website which covers all of Italy and is open to registration from both native and non-native teachers alike. For more information, visit

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