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Teaching English in Rome is no different to anywhere else in Italy in that there is usually plenty of work for teachers who are prepared to be proactive. Teaching English privately is undeniably the way to earn a better income, either alongside or instead of working for a school.

Many of the teachers registered on RomaInglese started out working for language schools and some still do. Some work privately full time, others use RomaInglese to fill the gaps in their diaries. We’ve found over the years that the number of requests teachers receive tend to peak towards late summer, when people return from summer holidays, and around the Christmas/New Year period. Requests come in all year round, but those are usually the best times to be starting out as a private teacher.

Teaching English in Rome as a private teacher allows you to manage your time much better and decide who, when and where you teach, in addition to earning more money. There’s not a lot more to say about it than that!

Created in 2009-2010 by a small group of mother-tongue English teachers, RomaInglese worked for us, has worked for countless other teachers, and can work for you too!

Don’t think that freelance teaching is easy – if you can’t ‘sell’ your self or your services to clients, aren’t able to organise your time properly or organise your own teaching materials, it won’t be for you. However, if you can do all that and are proactive enough to do at least basic things like promote your profile page on social media, you’re likely to earn around twice as much as the average teacher in a school. Many earn considerably more.

Joining us

Teachers pay a registration and annual fee to join the site and nothing else. Enquiries from site visitors are sent straight to you, and we have zero input beyond that. We’ve seen plenty of imitators, sites loaded with fake teachers or 6th form college students calling themselves experienced teachers, and others with the sole aim of inserting themselves as middlemen, taking a slice of your lesson fees. Every teacher on RomaInglese exists (!) and the subscription fees are all you pay.

However, we do not accept all registration requests and we do impose certain rules and requirements. For example, teachers must be legally living and teaching English in Rome, and so on. We won’t accept anyone who thinks €15-€20 is a reasonable rate to charge for lessons. We want teachers to earn more, not less. All teachers are required to provide proof of legal residence and their rights to work and, in order to protect those teachers who are already registered, we also restrict the number of teachers who can join.

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If that hasn’t put you off and you’d like to join RomaInglese, get started by clicking the button below.

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Created in 2010, Romainglese was built for you if you’re hoping to teach English in Rome and want the freedom and higher income that being a private english teacher can provide.