Roma Inglese - Teacher Information

Roma Inglese - Teacher Information

Things you need to know about registering on RomaInglese

We created to bring together English Teachers who are looking for private students and people in the Rome area who are interested in private English lessons, and it works. is now one of the first places people in Rome visit when they are looking for a private English teacher. Go to Google and search for 'inglese a roma' or similar. You'll find at or near the top of the page for almost any relevant search.

The site is both effective for teachers and trusted by visitors. This trust comes from transparency and the professional behaviour of our teachers. Seemingly little things like transparent pricing and answering every emailed enquiry promptly make a big difference, not just to the reputation of individual teachers, but also to the site as a whole.

Who can join RomaInglese?

Registration is open to mother-tongue English Teachers (or genuine native-level bilingual teachers) regardless of age, gender, experience and qualifications.

For English teachers in Milano

Teacher registration requirements

It is not important to us if you are a qualified teacher with years of experience or a newcomer with limited experience. Visitors to your profile page will judge the importance of these things for themselves. What we care about is that the information shown on teacher profiles is honest and comprehensive; for the benefit of English teachers and students.

If you wish to register as an English teacher on you must as a minimum:
  • Be a native English speaker or a genuinely native-level bilingual teacher.
  • Be living and working legally in or around Rome (and be able to demonstrate this).
  • Have an Italian codice fiscale.

The above are basic and inflexible requirements.

Teacher profile pages

If you register as an English teacher on RomaInglese you will be added to the main teacher directory (the listings page) and is given your own personal teacher profile page. Your teacher profile page is where you provide the information people who are looking for a private English teacher will want to read. If you're not sure what kind of thing to include in your profile, visit the website and look at a few of the teacher profiles already on the site to give you an idea.

Your profile page can display your qualifications, your teaching and other work experience and any particular skills you have. You can specify your availability, which areas you work in, what type of courses you provide and what type of students you teach. Within reason, it's up to you what you include in your profile description. All teachers are required to provide an acceptable photograph for use in listings and profile pages.

How do students contact teachers?

Your teacher profile page has a built-in contact form which students can use to contact you directly. Any messages sent from your profile page are sent directly to the email address you specify when registering, enabling you to reply immediately. In addition to contacting teachers directly, visitors to the site can also (or instead) post their own free adverts on RomaInglese outlining their requirements. These adverts are forwarded to teachers, usually on the day they are received.

Lesson Prices

For transparency and to enhance trust in the site, teachers are required to publish their prices for lessons in the form of a basic hourly rate. In addition, any extra costs must be outlined (if books and travel costs are not included, for example). If you are IVA registered, your prices must include IVA. Quite simply; there must be no nasty surprises. Aside from transparency, the benefit of providing accurate information is that people are unlikely to contact you unless your prices are acceptable - so you get fewer time wasters.

It's none of our business what you charge for lessons, but this site is intended to help teachers earn more money, not less. For this reason, we will not register teachers whose prices are (in our opinion) too low. If you want to work for a pittance you should advertise on the freead websites, or work for a school!

Who arranges the lessons?

You do. We provide the website which allows you to generate enquiries. You receive enquiries from potential enquiries and answering the emails and organising lessons is your responsibility. We have no involvement with your lessons, nor do we charge any commissions, or any nonsense like that.

What obligations do teachers have?

You must reply to all enquiries promptly. Failing to reply to emails is unprofessional and damages the website reputation, so we don't tolerate it. The site was created to help promote people who want to provide private face to face English lessons, and nothing else. Plainly, teachers must not misrepresent themselves or pass enquiries to other people, and so on. Our rules are simple common sense and aimed at helping everybody get the best out of the site. We remove teachers from the site who don't comply with our site rules or whose behaviour damages the site or its reputation. This includes obvious things like misrepresentation or failure to reply to enquiries promptly. We think that's fair.

How much does it cost to register?

New teachers pay a one-off registration fee of £15 plus an annual subscription fee of £75. After the first year, teachers only pay the annual subscription fee if they wish to renew. Putting that into perspective; the annual cost of being registered on RomaInglese equates to what the average teacher earns from 3 hours of private lessons.

Register on RomaInglese

If you'd like to register as an English teacher on the RomaInglese teacher directory, click here.

Not mothertongue English?

Due to the number of registration requests we receive from teachers who are not mothertongue English speakers, we have created a new website called Insegnanti-Inglese, which features teacher directories covering all of Italy and which is open to registration from both mothertongue and non-mothertongue teachers. If you'd like more information about this site, please visit and click the 'Teacher Information' link which you'll find at the top of every page on the website.

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