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As you're reading this, you're probably an English teacher who lives and works in or around Rome, and you probably think that romainglese.it sounds like a good idea. In that case, you might be wondering why RomaInglese.it exists, what its aims are, and so on. Well, the answers are actually very simple....

Why Romainglese?

Firstly, the small group of people who created Romainglese.it are English teachers, working here in Italy. Over the years we witnessed at first hand how hard it can be for teachers to earn a decent income working for language schools. Working for schools doesn't pay well; it's that simple.

Working for a language school might sound like a great idea, but the reality is that you won't have a permanent contract, you won't get sick pay or holiday pay, you won't earn as much as you probably deserve and won't even have a guaranteed monthly salary - if your classes are cancelled, you don't get paid. On top of that, you won't have a whole lot of say over when and where you teach, nor who you teach. All in all, you have all the risks that a self-employed teacher faces, but half the income. Unhappy with that, we created www.milanoinglese.it in 2011 and www.romainglese.it in 2012 to help teachers earn a decent income.

What is Romainglese?

Romainglese consists of two websites: romainglese.com is the teacher registration website. It's aimed at English teachers, so it's written in English. Then we have the public website, romainglese.it which is the online teacher directory where private students can contact teachers directly to arrange lessons. Predictably, that's written in Italian.

Our aims are very simple; we want to help promote, in a professional manner, mothertongue English teachers (or equivalent level bilungual teachers) who work in and around Rome, and to help potential students find an English teacher who lives and works in their area and offers private lessons. Nothing else. The sites are managed by volunteers, all English teachers, who keep everything running, add teacher profiles, make sure emails get sent to the right places, and so on.

Site registration fees

For almost three years, registration and membership of RomaInglese has been free. However, due to the ever-increasing costs of running the websites and also the amount of time their upkeep requires, we introduced registration and subscription fees in September 2015. The fees are low, probably about the same as you earn from 2-3 hours of lessons, but are necessary. Sorry about that!

If you want 'free' there are always the freead websites. They're not effective, of course, and you'll have to compete with idiots offering Skype lessons for $5 an hour, but they're free!

Get your own personal website

If you're planning on staying in Italy for quite a while, it could well be worth investing in your own personal website. Obviously it would need to be written in Italian, otherwise it wouldn't be very effective, but finding someone to translate from English into Italian shouldn't be hard in Italy!