Roma Inglese - A Simple Concept

Roma Inglese - A Simple Concept

Promoting Independent English Teachers

Why Roma Inglese
Why Roma Inglese

Roma Inglese - The Concept

The concept behind is about as simple as it gets; it exists to provide English teachers working in Rome with a place where they can promote themselves professionally, and a trustworthy place where potential students can search for private teachers in their local area. Local language schools can't adverise on the site, nor can individuals offering 'lessons' at €5 an hour via Skype from random parts of the globe. RomaInglese allows private English teachers to advertise their services in competition with languages schools, and on a level footing. That's a pretty simple concept.

Finding Private Students

It's not rocket science. As an English teacher, you already know that the only way to earn a decent income is to teach privately. You also get to manage your own time and decide when and where you work. The problem is that many teachers struggle to find private students. So, how DO teachers find private students?

Before we created our MilanoInglese and RomaInglese sites, we asked a total of 32 teachers (colleagues) that exact question. Around 50% of English teachers admitted offering private lessons to students at school. It wasn't a very successful tactic and one teacher had previously been sacked for trying. 'Word of mouth' was the next most popular answer, though it generated surprisingly little work.

Quite a few teachers had tried using the 'Free-ad' websites that litter the internet, but they generated very few genuine enquiries. Finally, one or two teachers had tried visiting their local supermarkets, sticking posters on the wall each week. The results were predictably poor. In short, finding private students was agreed to be far easier said than done.

And so, MilanoInglese and RomaInglese were born.


RomaInglese was set up in late 2012 and for 3 years was managed and hosted by fellow teachers on a voluntary basis, and at our own cost. Unfortunately, the costs and time involved with running the site have risen over that period and so, in order to justify continuing to run the site, we introduced a nominal registration fee and subscription fee in the Autumn of 2015. New teachers pay a one-off registration fee of £15 and an annual subscription fee of £75. Putting that into perspective, the cost of joing the site and 12 months' subscription equates to less than the average teacher earns for 3 hours of private lessons. Teachers who renew after the first year only pay the annual subscription fee.

If you're not happy with paying for the service RomaInglese provides we can recommend trying the various freead websites that litter the internet. They're not effective, of course, but they're free!

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