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RomaInglese is one of a small group of websites, some of which are listed below. In addition we have listed websites below who are our friends, supporters or which we hope you might find useful. If you click any of the links they will open in a new window so you don't need to leave this site to visit them.

These websites belong to friends and supporters. Apart from the teaching websites, most are related to UK-based businesses which we know won't be a lot of use to you if you're in Italy, but we want to give them a plug anyway!

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Essex Dogs, Kennels and Care

Everything Dog in Essex

ForWalks Directory

Find a local dog walker

Personal Teacher Websites

Have you thought about getting your own teacher website, either to promote yourself or maybe try to start up your own language school? If this is something you are interested in, use our contact form to get in touch with us. If you're looking for a personal website we can offer you a professionally-designed website at a reasonable cost. All the websites listed on this page were designed by us.

In addition to designing a website for you, we also have a number of domain names such as ildocente or ladocente which we are willing to sell (only to teachers who also buy a website). We can help you word your website so that it achieves better results and will help promote it through links from our own sites, so ensuring that the site achieves better visibility with Google. We can also provide hosting for any websites we design and sell.