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Teacher Registration Page

To register as an English teacher on the RomaInglese website, please complete the registration form below in full, taking care to write only in Italian. Private details, such as your full name, phone number and address are for our records only and are not displayed online. Fields marked with ** are compulsory. You will not be able to submit the form until all compulsory fields are completed. If you have any difficulties submitting the form, please email us explaining the problem.


Teacher Information

Please complete all sections

Teacher Registration and Subscription Fees

To save us all time, please confirm that you are aware that a registration and subscription fee applies. If you weren't aware, please CLICK to read about them HERE

Profile Details

Please complete this form IN ITALIAN - all information will be used on your profile page unless otherwise stated.

Lesson / Course Costs

Specify your basic hourly rate for lessons. Prices must include IVA (if applicable) and any extra costs should be detailed in the 'additonal costs' section below.

Trial Lessons

A lot of people request a trial lesson, to see if they like the teacher. You are not obliged to offer trial lessons. Teachers who offer trial lessons usually get more enquiries, but also get the occasional time-waster. If you agree to offer a free trial lesson to any type of student, for any type of booking, please answer 'yes' to the question below. If there are any ifs, buts or conditions, please answer 'no'.


Only write in Italian - Please describe yourself as fully as possible. Profile descriptions should be at least 100 words in length, as profiles with inadequate descriptions do not generate interest. Please start with a phrase saying something along the lines of 'Sono Bob, un insegnante di inglese a Roma... ' etc. Aside from stating the obvious, this encourages Google to list your profile when displaying search results. If you have teaching qualifications, please make a point of listing them, but remember to attach copies of the certificates to this form.

Teaching Experience (Optional Field)

Teaching Qualifications (Optional Field)

Please list any teaching qualifications you want to show on your profile, completing all the boxes. If you have more than 3, add their details to the comments box at the end of the form. You also need to upload a scanned copy of the certificate. Unless qualifications are supported by scanned copies, they cannot be listed on your profile.

Use these boxes to upload scanned copies of any certificates mentioned above (only).

Allowed files .jpg, .jpeg, .png, Max size 250kb

Allowed files .jpg, .jpeg, .png, Max size 250kb

Allowed files .jpg, .jpeg, .png, Max size 250kb

IVA Registration

Please specify if you are IVA registered or not and insert your Partita IVA number in the box provided.


Please provide a head and shoulders photo to be used on your profile page and the main listing page. The photo must be square or portrait format (taller than wide) and should be at least 300pixels wide and approximately 350-400px tall. If the photo is larger we will crop it to fit.

Allowed files .jpg, .jpeg, .png, Max size 300kb

Whitelist Emails

Please be sure to white-list emails from both and otherwise if emails are diverted into your junk folder you will never hear from us again!

Final Check

   Click to confirm you have completed this form in Italian