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Registering as an English Teacher on Roma Inglese

Teacher Registration

If you are an English teacher, providing face to face English lessons in or around Rome and you want to join the RomaInglese teacher directory, you need to complete our teacher registration form. Registration is relatively simple, and the form should only take a few minutes to complete if you have everything to hand before you start.

What should you have ready?

You need to provide a profile description of at least 80 words, WRITTEN IN ITALIAN. For the best results, you should also add a brief text explaining your teaching experience (there is a dedicated field for this), in Italian again. You need to decide what prices you wish to charge and list whatever extra charges apply. If you want to mention your teaching qualifications you will also need a legible, scanned copy to upload and add to the registration form. You will also need a photo of yourself. This must be a professional-looking head and shoulders photo, portrait format (taller than wide) and no smaller than 300px wide. Smaller photos will be rejected.

Completing the registration form

Complete the form in Italian and do not write in English. The teacher registration form is relatively self-explanatory but please be sure to complete all fields, even if only with 'n/a'. If you don't complete the form properly, it will not submit, no matter how many times you press the submit button. Once you are sure you have completed the registration form properly, click 'submit'. If your submission was successful you will be taken to a 'thank you' page. If the page doesn't change within 30 seconds or so, it means your form hasn't been submitted. If your internet connection is slow, it may take a little longer, so be patient. Once we have your details we'll send you confirmation.

Not an EU national?

Before we can accept a registration from non-EU citizens we send an email requesting a scanned (legible) copy of your passport and work /residence visa. This measure is to ensure we don't promote people who are working illegally. If you are not able to work legally in Italy, please do not try to register, as you will not be accepted.

Registration Fees

New teachers pay a one-off £15 registration fee plus the current annual subscription fee, which is £75. After the first 12 months, teachers pay only the current annual subscription fee. Payment of registration fees is due once your request to join the site has been accepted for publication. Please note that acceptance is not guaranteed and is at the discretion of site management.

Registration Form

If you want to go ahead and register, please click here to go to the registration form.

How long does it take to get listed?

After we receive your registration we will contact you within 24-36 hours to confirm acceptance or non-acceptance, or to request additional information. Once we accept your registration, it will normally be published more or less immediately.